$149.99 for 4 lessons

Welcome to our golfing haven, established in 2010 by passionate PGA professionals committed to spreading the joy of golf. Our mission revolves around enhancing lives through the transformative power of this sport. From immersive summer junior golf camps to elite junior golf programs, personalized private and semi-private instruction, and engaging beginner clinics, we tailor our offerings to diverse age groups and skill levels.

At Golf Life we are proud to announce a strategic partnership with Pace Of Play in Mississauga, situated conveniently at 427 and Dundas. This collaboration allows us to host all our programs and lessons in their state-of-the-art indoor golf facility. The partnership also extends to an exciting future development – our upcoming Golf A to Z, promising exceptional equipment and an elevated golfing experience.
Golf Life is more than just an golf academy . It's a community of golfers who share the same love for the game. Golf Life has something for you. Take advantage of our current partnership arrangement, enabling you to easily book simulators at your convenience within the Pace Of Play location. Join us on this exciting journey of golfing excellence, camaraderie, and continuous improvement!